In 1984, Metro One began as a security provider in the New York City area providing loss prevention solutions to retail clients. The small firm was sold by our founder, Angelo Carrabba, to his sons Vince and Brandon in the mid-1990s. From the very beginning, the vision of these two young entrepreneurs was to build a security services organization focused exclusively on supporting national clients. By designing and implementing customized security programs that were scalable to meet demanding expectations, the business developed and our services expanded beyond retail to logistics, supply chain, fulfillment centers, manufacturing sites, corporate headquarters and data centers. Today, Metro One’s geographic scope spans the entire United States, serving over 125 national clients in different industries.


Driven by the values of flexibility, transparency, accountability, integrity and innovation, Metro One has embarked on a digital transformation of our company. We have partnered with technology leaders to integrate our main business processes, providing our clients and internal management teams with real-time data points and enhanced analytics. Our investment in enterprise resource planning is yet another example of Metro One’s reinvention of the security industry.

Metro One’s business model is to design and implement security solutions that offer both scalability and exclusivity to client organizations in terms of focus, delivery and productivity. Our client-centric approach ensures that requirements and objectives are met in a consistent and compliant manner. We never sacrifice quality or service to meet profit margins.

Rather than stretching existing infrastructure over multiple accounts to satisfy quarterly financial goals, Metro One makes long-term investments in our national clients. Resources are strategically allocated to attract and retain quality personnel, assign experienced supervisory leadership, leverage state-of-the-art technology and drive overall customer satisfaction. Our guiding principle is to establish long-lasting business partnerships built on trust and mutual respect.

Metro One is one of the largest privately-owned security companies in the U.S. with offices in major metropolitan areas and thousands of security professionals working diligently on behalf of our valued clients. A proven leader in security and loss prevention, Metro One provides superior services with expertise in client-dedicated management.

All contract security providers offer some form of pre-assignment and on-the-job training, and Metro One is no exception. Our training program is designed to equip our security officers with a working knowledge of the security profession. On-site follow up training provides them a thorough understanding of client-specific requirements and expectations. Going one step further, Metro One strives to match an officer’s temperament and skill set to each work environment ensuring the on-post experience is successful from day one.

Metro One’s executive leadership and key managerial and support staff are located in Staten Island, NY. Our National Performance Center in Dallas, TX is home to our People Operations Team and is dedicated to talent acquisition, human resources, career development and training, as well as workforce management. Our newest office in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, houses our Business Development and Finance departments.